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Sustainable Innovation

We enable your organisation to develop innovation capabilities to navigate transformational shifts. Go deep into design thinking, agile, and creativity methodologies to adapt quickly in a fast-changing world.

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Future-proof innovation.
Think start-up.

A new business challenge?

In this innovation workshop, you’ll develop, test, and grow new business ideas or improvements in a sandbox environment. Teams collaborate following a structured approach designed to enhance or bring new products, services or experiences to market at start-up speed.

From the workshops that we’ve made, no two are alike. Our experts tailor each program for our clients depending on their business objectives. 

can’t meet in person? work remotely

We’re agile and we know the power of digital tools! This entire session can be run online with teams both in Australia and internationally. No plane tickets required, just a good internet connection. 

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Finding opportunities to grow

Stay relevant by understanding your customers

Get key insights about your end-user and the market. This is the call for empathy, so we can develop solutions that your customer will keep loving.

Develop impact solutions

Explore how you can incorporate sustainable propositions that are good for business, good for people, and good for the environment.

Build adaptation capabilities

We enable your team with creativity tools and techniques for identifying market gaps and developing new products, services, or processes that unlock growth and impact.

Validated customer journeys

Ensure that your solution is useful for your customers over their entire experience.

Efficient innovation is the one that solves a problem or improves the way something is done.

program overview
A transformational program.

How to shift your business for the better?

Every journey starts with understanding the goals and the context.

  • Identify and define a clear business challenge
  • Size the market opportunity
  • Set up and prepare your multi-disciplinary team
  • Align on investment criteria with internal stakeholders

Explore and validate the customer problem.

  • Define customer segments & personas
  • Map the current customer journey
  • Validate problem hypotheses

There is not only one right solution. Here we facilitate brainstorming & creativity tools so you and your team can discover new fields of action.

  • Translate insights into opportunities
  • Explore current solutions
  • Brainstorm new solutions or improvements
  • Idea selection process

Experiment (quick, small, & cheap) and learn what is the worthiest solution.

  • Map the future state customer journey
  • Prototype improvements or the minimum viable product
  • Test the top concepts & co-create with customers
Define the path to incorporate the enhancements into your current business model.

  • Sum up all the learning into a compelling storyline.
  • Build an incorporation plan.
  • Develop a go-to-market path.

sustainable innovation

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